Sales Huddles-The New Way to Coach Your Reps

Elay Cohen, CEO of Saleshood, has the viewpoint that first line sales managers need to improve their ability to coach their reps to improve their performance. His new book titled “SalesHood” is a good read.

I really like this quote in Chapter 4, Nurture Social Learning, from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I may remember; Involve me and I learn.”

As Elay says “These principles apply beautifully to salespeople and sales training. The most effective parts of sales training are those where salespeople share real life deal scenarios and where they can demonstrate and apply their skills.”

He likes small, modular coaching sessions which reinforce learning. One of the changes that he advocates is to hold frequent sales huddles that are led by first line sales managers as more effective than grandiose annual training events.

SalesHood is available on Amazon in hard cover and Kindle formats.

I recommend it for all sales leaders and sales trainers and I am adding SalesHood to the recommended reading list for my Cloud Computing Course (BUS 105-Selling & Marketing SaaS to the Enterprise) at Stanford which is taught in the evenings to serve the needs of those currently working at and those seeking to join cloud application companies. For info and registration, click here.

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