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We met Chuck DeVita in his role of adviser with ASTIA. Chuck has been instrumental in helping CloudKPI evaluate market entry alternatives and selecting our target market segments. As an entrepreneur or business leader you know that the worst “advisor” is the one that tells you what you want to hear. Working with Chuck you know that is never going to happen. Because of his unique experience and expertise, you can trust his advice. Chuck is really effective in challenging assumptions and suggesting alternatives for consideration. He facilitated our value proposition development and made key introductions to important prospects. He’s unique in his ability to explain and simplify the financial implications of various market entry strategies. We’re lucky we found Chuck and look forward to his advice and guidance going forward.



Chuck DeVita led the Medigram pivot from an SMB to an Enterprise focus. He quickly learned about our mobile healthcare communications solution and the vernacular of hospital systems. Chuck guided us through the process of target market selection. He helped us understand and clarify the economic value that Medigram provides to enterprise healthcare systems. He completely re-engineered our sales process and coached our sales team on how to deal with enterprise customers. I am delighted to have Chuck on the Medigram team.


CEO, Medigram

Chuck DeVita of Growth Process Group quickly stepped in on an emergency basis as our interim VP Sales & Marketing. On short notice, he flew to our headquarters in Switzerland, quickly assessed our position and provided executive leadership to improve market focus and develop clear value propositions. He proceeded to implement our new strategy with our existing worldwide sales & marketing team. His experience, high energy and ability to work on a demanding international schedule were invaluable.


CEO, The Fantastic Corporation

Chuck DeVita consistently ranks as one of the best speakers at our SaaS University seminars. He understands the changing trends in selling SaaS to the enterprise market. His content is clear and his presentation is lively.


EDITOR, SoftLetter.com

Growth Process Group performed a Sales Readiness Assessment for the team at Mariah Power. Chuck DeVita brought a proven process and an objective method for evaluating our strengths and opportunities for improvement. He quickly ramped up to speed and identified alternative ways of entering the market and establishing our reference-ability. Chuck has a wealth of deep and wide sales experience. He also led us to refine our value propositions. Growth Process Group helped us improve our opportunity for success.


CEO, Mariah Power

Growth Process Group performed a Sales Assessment for Quintessence Labs. This highlighted our strengths and gaps to fill. Chuck DeVita has worked with us for the past year to prepare our company for entry into the North American market. He has helped us focus on clear Value Propositions, decide on Target Markets, determine Title Types to focus on and he managed the development of our North American web site. Chuck’s guidance has been extremely valuable.


CEO, QuintessenceLabs, Canberra, Australia

Chuck DeVita and his Growth Process Group are experts in helping technology solution providers sell to the enterprise. Chuck has deep understanding of how to help Software as a Service firms succeed. This expertise is a perfect match with what Radish Systems, as a mobile enterprise software firm, needs. He has provide valuable advice and coaching – helping Radish clarify the problems we solve, refine our optimal target customer list, sharpen our sales approach and presentations and much more. He knows his material, has practical experience helping software firms succeed, and is generous in providing guidance.


CO-FOUNDER AND CEO, Radish Systems

The Sales Readiness Assessment that Chuck DeVita performed highlighted several areas in which Remedy Interactive could improve Value Propositions and Sales Process. We subsequently brought Chuck in as an interim member of the executive team to lead the sales effort. He guided the company to an improved sales process with a clear method for deciding who to engage and which prospects to drop. He has worked well with the executive team and has personally executed on specific sales opportunities. He has recently coached our new sales leader to improved performance. Chuck is unusual in that he spans the strategic to the tactical very well.


CEO, Radish Systems

As an experienced senior sales management advisor, Chuck DeVita has provided innovative thinking, and valuable insight. He has challenged our assumptions in ways that has helped Right Now Technologies improve our positioning and sales execution.


SVP GLOBAL SALES, RightNow Technologies/Oracle

Chuck DeVita completed a Sales Assessment of Meltwater Group. This surfaced several of our strengths as well as some opportunities for improvement, which we are addressing. Our CEO subsequently asked Chuck to build a comprehensive plan for a new Enterprise Sales division, which he completed. Chuck then implemented and managed the Enterprise Sales division on an interim basis with the goal of finding a permanent replacement. As the new Executive Director of Enterprise Sales at Meltwater, I was excited to see the structure and processes that Chuck had implemented. He has helped me ramp up into the role quickly. Chuck is an experienced senior executive and an expert in Enterprise SaaS. We look forward to a continuing relationship.



I hired the Growth Process Group when I was at MicroPlanet because of Chuck’s innate understanding of the market development challenges the Company was experiencing. The team that Chuck led from GPG provided expert counsel to MicroPlanet covering the areas of general management of market development, sales process, lead generation, product management. The company strategy today, is the one that he and his team initiated.


CEO, Microplanet

Chuck DeVita performed a Sales Readiness Assessment with the team at Elixir Technologies. He provided deep expertise on the challenges and opportunities in transforming the company from an on-premise solution provider to a cloud application solution provider. With his proven process and objective methods for evaluating our strengths and opportunities, he led the Elixir team to develop an action plan for execution. We improved our value propositions and identified the key hurdles for the transformation.