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Chuck DeVita is a recognized speaker and visionary on sales & marketing management for enterprise technology solution providers. He is available to speak to your team as one of the most talented business speakers. Contact Growth Process Group for details.

Current Speaking Engagements:

October 10, 2019 at Alchemist Accelerator-“Sales & Marketing Overview-Entering a Market, Develop Value Propositions, Acquire Customers and Reduce Selling Costs”

October 16, 2019 “Cloud Computing & Subscription Models: Selling & Marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) & Mobile Solutions to the Enterprise”, a 6 session course for professionals at Stanford, Continuing Studies Program. For info, contact Growth Process Group.

Previous Speaking Engagements:

“Developing Value Propositions for the Enterprise”, at SVI Ignite

“Is SaaS about Technology or Business Models or Culture?”, at SVOD Conference

“Selling to the Enterprise”, at STARTUP NV, at the University of Nevada.

“Enterprise SaaS Workshop”, Cervin Ventures portfolio company executives

“Market Opportunities to Expand Cloud Channel Relationships”, Cloud Channel Summit, Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

“Cloud Computing-Selling & Marketing SaaS to the Enterprise”, Business Marketing Association

“Business Models and Acquiring First Customers”, Deep Dive program for visiting Russian entrepreneurs.

“SaaS Selling Models”, Softletter’s SaaS University Seminar- Boston, Washington DC, Dallas

“Customer Acquisition”, Stanford Alumni Entrepreneur Boot camp, Stanford Graduate School of Business

“Acquiring Customers” keynote at the ASTIA Doing It Right conference

“Selling SaaS” discussion and executive panel at TiEcon

“Developing Value Propositions and Pricing Models”, a 6 session course, Stanford Continuing Studies Program

“Closing the Sale”, Astia Tech Track Panel, San Francisco

“Software-Value, Pricing & Revenue Recognition for License, Hosted , Subscription and On-Demand Models”, KPMG Seminar, Palo Alto,

“Sales Management Excellence Workshop”, Stanford Continuing Studies Program

“Selling & Marketing Software as a Service (SaaS) to the Enterprise”, a 6 week course, Stanford Continuing Studies Program

“Clean Energy Entrepreneurs’ Forum-Corporate Investments in Clean Energy”, FountainBlue Clean Energy Entrepreneurs’ Forum,

“Getting Your First Customers-2007 Entrepreneurship Conference”, Stanford Graduate School of Business,

“Clean Energy Entrepreneurs’ Forum-Investment Trends in Clean Energy”,FountainBlue Clean Energy Entrepreneurs’ Forum,

“Achieving Funding Milestones” FinancingPartners- Behind the Numbers Seminar

“Customer Development Process”, An evening with Steve Blank – hosted by Growth Process Group and Thoits, Love, Hershberger & McLean

”Acquiring Your First Reference Customers”, SoftwareCEO Webinar Series

“Are You Really Ready To Scale Your Revenue?” Growth Process Group Interactive Forum Series

“Maximizing Value and ROI”, SVAMA Seminar Series

“Pricing Essentials”, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer Program

“Moving From Vision to Revenue”, The Enterprise Network (TEN) Seminar

“Business-to-Business Lead Generation Summit”, Marketing Sherpa

“Building an Early Stage Sales Force, ”Stanford Business School Entrepreneurship Conference:

“Developing Great Value Propositions”, Financing Partners Deal Symposium

“Planning for Marketing in a Start Up”, Technology Venture Corp Seminar Series

“Planning and Executing Revenue Growth “, Financing Partners Seminar

“Acquiring Reference Customers”, Financing Partners Deal Symposium

“Value Propositions & Pricing Workshop”, Silicon Valley American Marketing Association

“Sales Management Panel”, Stanford Business School Entrepreneurship Club

“Entering a New Market: Acquiring Your First Big Customers”, a 5 week course, Stanford Continuing Studies Program:

“Closing The Deal”, The Deal Conference

“Hiring, Motivating and Managing Your Sales Team”, SDF

“Sales & Marketing for Hosted Solutions”, SDF ASP SIG

“Acquiring Your First Big Customers”, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

“Planning for Sales & Marketing in a Start Up”, Software Development Forum

“Achieving Competitive Advantage through Sales Management Excellence”, Association for Corporate Growth

“Creating and Managing Revenue Growth in B2B Startups”, Stanford Continuing Studies Program

“Creative Sales Compensation”, Software Success VP Sales Forum

Stanford Business School visiting lecturer

UCLA Anderson School of Business: Knapp International Venture Forum