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When you offer a discount to get the order in the current period, the result is that the order closes when the buyer completes the purchase process (often after the sales rep deadline ends ) but the discount stays. This is supported by many research reports, as well as my experience of 30+ years in Sales & Sales Management.

What are the reasons a prospect may not accept your offer to buy now?

  • The budget is not yet approved
  • The gate keepers have not yet indicated acceptance of the product
  • The prospect is still seeking info on competitive solutions
  • Your price is not justified yet in terms of value perceived by the prospect
  • There is no acute pain regarding the problem your solution solves for this prospect
  • The purchase process is in the early stages
  • The switching costs to change to your solution are perceived to be unacceptable

If your sales team is discounting on a regular basis to get the order moved up, it could be an indication of several issues from weak value propositions to inadequate or inconsistent sales process to sales management coaching.

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