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This very good article by Jason Jordan on the range of elements that are included in the term :Sales Enablement”.

Among the sometimes-vague sales terms that get tossed around, sales enablement may be one of the worst offenders. Sometimes, it’s a code word for a sales operations group; other times, it’s code for sales training. CRM can come into it, as can other technology. So what does “sales enablement” really mean?

In the research that led to our best-selling book, Cracking the Sales Management Code, we discovered how broadly people use this term. Then, in order to clarify it, we organized some of this information in the infographic below.

Basically, we found that sales enablement is a collection of tasks and tools that are intended to improve the execution of key sales activities—activities like making sales calls, pursuing opportunities, managing major accounts, and targeting top prospects. But our research also revealed that these tasks and tools all fall into one of four categories—categories that interestingly mirror the lifecycle of an employee.

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